Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Freeview film of the day : wednesday 2nd of March

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013 100min.) [Film4 9.00pm & +1]
Freeview premiere

An aspiring musician struggles to make a name for himself in the Greenwich village folk scene of early 1960s New York. As he pursues an audition with an influential music mogul, he comes across a series of obstacles - many of his own making.
The Coen brothers' drama, starring Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman and Justin Timberlake.

The folk scene of New York's Greenwich Village at the start of the sixties may not (on the face of it) seem to be the most promising setting for a comedy/drama : however, the Coen Brothers bring their usual mix of deadpan wit and absurdity to the story and deliver a film that's by turns reflective, moving and laugh out loud funny.

Oscar Isaac is very, very good in the title role (and has an impressive singing voice) and the supporting cast, especially Mulligan and Timberlake, are excellent.

Llewyn Davis himself is a very well drawn character - a mix of self-serving wannabee and untrustworthy leach with just enough of a varnish of talent to make his story believable.

An enjoyable film, very well scripted, made and acted with a real sense of time and place. A darker companion piece to Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind (2003).

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