Saturday, 5 March 2016

Freeview film of the day : saturday 5th of March

Seven Psychopaths (2012 105min.) [Ch4 11.40pm &+1]

Black comedy drama starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson. Struggling screenwriter Marty finds inspiration for his next script in the dog-napping operation run by his nefarious best friend Billy and his partner Hans. But the target of their next sting is going to put everyone's lives in danger.

Writer/director Martin McDonagh follows up his cult favourite In Bruges (2008) with another darkly comic thriller.
The setting moves from the picturesque fantasy world of Bruges to the vapid fantasy world of the Los Angeles hinterland and the deluded population of would-be Hollywood actors and writers.

McDonagh is well served by a fantastic cast, especially Colin Farrell as the booze soaked lead and Christopher Walken at his wigged-out best; but also Woody Harrelson, Abbie Cornish and Sam Rockwell.
Tom Waits, Harry Dean Stanton, Zeljko Ivanek, Olga Kurylenko and Michael Pitt also pop up at various points to great effect.

The film suffers a little from a sense of rushing and sometimes trips over it's own feet in it's haste to cover all of the ground it needs to in order to fit in all of the elements of the story.

However, it's hugely entertaining and has moments of genuine hilarity; it just needed a little more care at the editing phase.

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