Friday, 1 November 2013

Freeview (UK) film of the day ; friday 1st of November

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon / The Diving-Bell And The Butterfly (2007 107min.) [BBC2 12.10am saturday]

Biographical drama starring Mathieu Amalric. In 1995, journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a catastrophic stroke and emerged from a coma suffering from "locked-in syndrome" - unable to move or speak. But he painstakingly dictated his memoir, adapted here, by blinking his left eye to signify letters of the alphabet.

Directed by painter turned director Julian Schnabel and with terrific cinematography by Janusz Kaminski.

Mathieu Amalric is superb in the lead role, especially given the fact that he is more or less immobile throughout and there is terrific support from Marie-Josee Croze, Emmanuelle Seigner and Anne Consigny.

Involving, moving, touching, funny, sweet and unmissable.

Kill List (2011 91min.) [Film4 12.30am saturday &+1]

Horror starring Neil Maskell and MyAnna Buring. Ex-soldier-turned-contract killer Jay is talked into doing one last job by friend and fellow hitman Gal. But as the bodies pile up, it soon becomes apparent the pair have become involved in a situation beyond their control.

Terrific British low budget thriller/horror film that casts back to the glory days of Hammer for its inspired air of creepy menace and moments of genuine shock.

Superly directed by Ben Wheatley, off the back of the equally striking Down Terrace, it's a mixture of gangster film, Mike Leigh style improvised domesticity and grand guignol horror.

A thoroughly engaging and satisfying film from beginning to end.