Thursday, 3 March 2016

Freeview film of the day : thursday 3rd of March

The Skeleton Key (2005 99min.) [MovieMix/moremovies (Freeview 32, Freesat 143, Sky 185) 12.40am friday &+1]

Supernatural thriller, starring Kate Hudson. Live-in nurse Caroline takes a position in a decrepit mansion to care for the ailing husband of the mysterious Violet Devereaux. Intrigued by the secretive couple, she begins to explore the house but her snooping takes a sinister turn when she stumbles upon a hidden attic room that holds a deadly secret.

Well constructed piece of Southern Gothic directed with considerable style by Britain's Ian Softley who creates a world of suffocating heat, claustrophobia and alienation during the slow paced first two thirds of the film before conjouring up an (unexpected) denoument that probably isn't the one the viewer was expecting.

Some very good performances, especially from Gena Rowlands as Violet, and Softley's astute direction help paper over the deficiences of the script.

Enjoyable voodoo based nonsense.

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