Friday, 18 August 2017

Freeview film of the day : friday 18th of August

The Keep (1983 91min.) [Film4 1.50am saturday &+1]

Horror starring Scott Glenn and Alberta Watson. Romania in the Second World War: at a remote mountain castle, two evil forces clash - on the one hand the Nazi SS, and, on the other, an unseen power. A mysterious traveller arrives to do battle with both and to save the innocents caught between.

Little seen early Michael Mann film, before he went on to create the Miami Vice TV series and direct films such as Heat and Public Enemies.

Gabriel Byrne and Ian McKellen are excellent at the head of a solid cast in a well-made supernatural thriller that has plenty of moments of genuine suspense and shock, a stylish look, a doom-laded atmosphere (and some bits that are just plain silly).
An interesting little curio with a cracking Tangerine Dream score.

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