Monday, 20 March 2017

Freeview film of the day : monday 20th of March

Wild Tales (2014 140mins.) [Film4 11.40pm &+1]

Anthology of six stories in which ordinary people react to everyday social grievances in unexpected ways, leading to bizarre consequences. The tales include a chance encounter on a plane, a tragic revelation at a wedding and an incident of road rage that turns into class warfare. Comedy drama anthology, starring Dario Grandinetti and Maria Marull. In Spanish.

A series of unconnected (but thematically linked) stories that satirise Argentinian society, its morals and codes as it struggles to adapt to the rapid change of the early twenty first century may not sound like the most entertaining way to spend over two hours; however, director Damian Szifron handles his material with skill and a dark wit.

Each of the tales stands up well enough on its own, but together they add up to a bruising drive-by assault on the film's many targets.

Neatly handled - there's little finger-wagging or hectoring and some wry humour in places - and very well played by the ensemble cast, it's a film that sets out to make a case and (for the most part) is successful.

Not for everyone but certainly worth a look if the synopsis makes you at all curious.

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