Thursday, 9 June 2016

Freeview film of the day : thursday 9th of June

Perrier's Bounty (2009 84min.) [Film4 2.15am friday &+1]

Crime caper starring Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent and Brendan Gleeson. Hapless Dubliner Michael is pursued by local mobsters after failing to pay a debt and being implicated in a gangland murder. He goes on the run with his pretty neighbour and his dad, but things quickly become even more complicated.

A Dublin based In Bruges that's lighter in tone and less emotionally charged than that superior film. It works well enough and Cillian Murphy and Jodie Whittaker both give quiet, toned-down performances of merit.

Perfectly watchable but lacks a certain something that would have made it more gripping.
Terrible title as well.

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