Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Freeview film of the day : wednesday 26th of November

Le Serpent (2006 121min.) [Film 4 1.10am thursday &+1]

Thriller starring Yvan Attal and Clovis Cornillac. A photographer is manoeuvred into a web of blackmail and murder by a vengeful former classmate.

From the same school of paranoid mystery thriller as Cache [Hidden] (2005) and Ne Le Dis A Personne [Tell No One] (2006) "Le Serpent" revolves around "why is he doing this to him?" rather than "why is this happening to them/him?" .

Although it's not as gripping or enthralling as either of the two previously mentioned near contemporary films, nonetheless there's enough of interest to keep you watching and entertained for two hours.

Not from the top drawer and not essential - but an interesting and worthwhile addition to the burgeoning canon of 21st. century French thrillers.

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