Monday, 20 May 2013

Freeview film of the day (UK) Monday 20th of May

Dreams Of A Life (2011 94min.) [C4 2.00am tuesday]

Zawe Ashton stars in this drama documentary that, using reconstructions and interviews with friends, looks back over the mysterious life of Joyce Carol Vincent, a 38-year-old woman whose body lay undiscovered in her flat for three years after she died.

There's not quite enough material to fill the running time and some of the reconstructions are slightly underdone, but Carol Morley's angry documentary still has plenty to say about a society that can fail to notice the absence of a popular young woman for three years.

As a piece of investigative journalistic film making it is outstanding and deeply effecting; there's a moment when the real Joyce appears on the soundtrack that is truly heartbreaking and some of the testimony collected will haunt you for a very long time afterwards.

Well worth making the effort.

Also of interest- the Italian film Io Non Ho Paura (I'm Not Scared) (2003) is on Film4 at 1.50am.

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